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Our Mission

To fight for the freedom of women and innocent children who have been caught in the chains of prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual abuse. To give these victims hope through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  We believe in a holistic solution that includes Christian counseling, training, independent living and work skills, as well as the education necessary to enable them to live productive lives.


Our goal is to bring the light of Jesus Christ to red-light zones throughout USA and Latin America,

 and to see the lives of these victims of sexual exploitation fully transformed. 

To not only rescue and restore, but to enable those rescued to go from victims

to disciples of Christ, using their new lives to help others find freedom.

Steps to Freedom

1. Identify victims of human trafficking.  Gain their trust.


2. Through outreach efforts, help victims get off the streets.  Help law enforcement to bring about rescues by presenting them with the case files of evidence needed to take action.


3. Bring those rescued to an understanding of Jesus as their personal Savior


4. Lead them to freedom in Christ with our healing program.  By the power of the Holy Spirit and by the power of God's Word, help them find the new life that Jesus promises. 


5. Provide them with the life skills needed to become independent and at the same time, disciple them to reach out to others that remain on the street.

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