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Let's unite to share the love of Christ

through a very special event this Christmas

It’s called Christmas on the Streets…


We have started a Christmas tradition at Breaking Chains.  We call it Christmas on the Streets.  Each night, we pull up to a different spot in the red light district, the Christmas music cranking from the car.  The idea is to bring Christmas right to the streets where the girls congregate.  We share the love of Christ with presents and a Christmas dinner  We want to show these precious women that despite what the world sees, in God’s eyes they are shining, beautiful princesses, daughters of the King. 


Our team is made up of women rescued from these very streets not long ago.   Each has a powerful testimony to tell of what God has done in their life.  It is a celebration of Christ right there on the streets.


This year Breaking Chains will again bring the light and the love of Christ to the streets where we work through this very special event.   The sexual exploitation here is widespread.  Our goal is to bless 1,200 of these princesas and their children. 


Be a part of this year's Christmas on the Streets.  Your gift of $20 provides a Christmas meal and small gift.  For most, this will be the only Christmas they will have, and the only gift they will receive.     

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