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This video takes a quick look at how our Princesa Program

is transforming the lives of women and restoring their entire families.

The miracle of a changed life

It is 90-days of Bible study, Christian therapy, praise & worship, and intense prayer.  There is an enormous grace period for the early weeks, we don't expect them to change overnight.  But as they grow in the Lord, there is a call to make a decision, to count the costs, and not look back.  The princesas receive weekly financial support while they are in the program, so there is no need to return to the streets.  The program culminates in graduates being awarded their own "micro-enterprise"  business to allow them to become financially self-sustaining.  The businesses are all gifts, there is no debt to be repaid by participants.  One stipulation is that the business has to be home-based, to protect their children from also falling victim to sexual exploitation.


The waiting list is long.  After hearing the testimony of those who used to work alongside them, there are many that want to begin a new life in Christ.

Financial costs with each Princesa

Food & program costs           $ 800

Support during program        1,200

Micro-enterprise             800-1,000 

 Total investment                  $3,000      

This program is now underway at our new ministry base location.  Thanks to Jesus Christ breaking their chains, the graduates of this program are producing tremendous fruit as they share their powerful testimonies.  What's more, as these women implement biblical principles, their businesses are thriving.  The impact with each changed life is massive, and all the glory goes to God.  

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