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In the five years we spent in Guatemala, we were heavily focused on the rescue and restoration of victims of sexual exploitation.  Our restoration day program  produced tremendous fruit in this country.  Participants were immersed in Bible study, discipleship, life skills and vocation training for a period of 90 days. Graduates were assisted in the start of their own home-based business.  More than a hundred victims found a new life in Christ.  Upon seeing this change in their mothers, hundreds of their children gave their lives to Christ as well.   

Guatemala was an extremely difficult country as dangerous street gangs (Maras, MS13, and MS18) control all the red light zones as well as the communities where the Princesses live and operate their businesses.  In spite of the difficulties, we were able to connect with various churches that we trained to begin working in every aspect of the ministry.  Some of these churches are continuing on with the ministry they began with us.  Many of our program graduates are now leaders in their local churches, sharing the Love of Christ with friends still trapped in the bondage of the streets. Even though Guatemala was difficult, it was a tremendous blessing in many ways, and it will always be part of our ongoing ministry.  

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