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Our efforts for our first seven years were focused on rescuing and helping restore children victimized by sexual exploitation in Mexico.

During that time, we worked in nine cities and placed victims in more than 15 group homes. The number of those we have helped to rescue here is over seven hundred, and the number we have reached through our outreach efforts, safe home support and church connections is in the thousands.


Mexico was a training ground for the calling we have to bring the light of Christ to red light zones throughout Latin America.  While there have been trials and heartaches, we rejoice in knowing that Mexico and many of its children are in a better place due to the work the Lord has allowed us to do here.


We thank those who made this work possible through their prayers, service and financial seeds.  Most of all, we thank God for the fruit of this labor, and for allowing us to grow in our understanding of His love for us and for these children.


Love in Christ,


The BC team


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