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The first time we visited Lima, we knew that the wide-spread organized crime would make it tough to free the women and children enslaved in sexual exploitation here.  We were called back again over a year later.  This time, after much prayer and 28 days of laborious undercover intelligence work, the breakthrough finally came.  On the day of the operation, there were 36 rescues in nine different locations.  It was by far the biggest operation we had ever done.  Arrested were six traffickers including an American serial pedophile, the leader of an organized child trafficking network involving five countries.  He is looking at charges that will keep him in jail for life. 


Pray for the victims and also for the perpetrators, that they would all come to know Christ as Lord.  The primary victims rescued were sisters, just four and seven years of age. Intelligence gathered through Breaking Chains work done in conjunction with several partner organizations and multiple governments led to 127 children rescued, and 37 people put in jail.  The Peruvian authorities have shown such dedication and perseverance in following through in spite of intense obstacles that exist.  Pray that hundreds more will be rescued, and that justice will occur.   Most of all, pray that the Lord would give these children the new life that only He can provide. 



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