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Liberty Base Mission Training

Do you feel called to bring freedom and restoration to victims of sexual exploitation?


Since our call first began in 2005, we have rescued more than 5,000 victims of sexual exploitation. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have learned which methods are most effective in helping these victims find freedom and the new life Jesus promises.    We are now starting phase one of our training program.  Participants will leave with specific action plan to ignite the Body of Christ to combat the evil of trafficking/sexual exploitation in their own communities.  We believe Jesus Christ is the all-encompassing solution to this evil that plagues every city and town in the nation.  Everything we do is through Him.  

Breaking Chains Liberty Base Mission Training


This is a training program that will serve as a starting ground for Christians who feel led to combat human trafficking/sexual exploitation in their own cities. We believe we can greatly impact this problem with a ground up attack model.    Our goal is to develop leaders across the US, teaching them how to identify, package, and action trafficking cases in their own backyard.   Participants will also be taught best methods of trauma care and long-term care for the women and children they rescue. This is an opportunity for leaders to learn how to create a local team.  After completing the training, Breaking Chains and our partner organizations will advise you with the initial launch and will continue to offer consulting as needed. 


Class core teachings


1. Give it to the Lord. The best fruit is always His. We will discuss the battle from a Biblical standpoint as well as the solution

2. Identify trafficking/exploitation in your back yard. It is is everywhere. We will help you identify the models being used and how to breech them

3. Active intelligence packaging to law enforcement.   We have packaged intel for years working with federal and state agencies.  We will teach you what they need, how to present it to them, and how to follow through to make sure that action takes place.

4. Legal issues. We only work legally.  We will teach you what you can and cannot do. In some cases, rescues can be done without law enforcement engagement. You will learn how to identify those situations and how to make sure what you do is within the law.

5. Street awareness and defense

6. Tools will need a tool set for info gathering.   You will leave knowing what tools you need and how to use them. 

7. Team to gather the essential skill sets needed to combat trafficking/sexual exploitation in your community.  

8. Fund raising, community building, and engaging the local church.  If the body of Christ unites, and they will, nothing can stop you!



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