For Christians who...


- Have a heart to start a center or safe house for victims of trafficking. 


- Want to improve the success of an existing program,


- Feel the call to get involved hands-on in this critical ministry.


Our desire is to help equip others to implement the restoration part of our program.  


Guidance is available to those who share our passion.  We can help teach you to:


1. Identify victims of human trafficking and help them get off the streets.


2. Create a day program for victims of trafficking.  Spanish-speaking couples are needed to work throughout Latin America.


3. Implement our restoration program which successfully has transformed more than 60% of those that have gone through it.  It is 100% Jesus.  Our part is bringing His light into their lives





This is a special calling for those who feel led to work rescue and intelligence.


Due to the high risks involved, previous specialized experience is a must.  Individuals with a background in law enforcement, or military experience, or those who have overcome the street life themselves are best suited to this work.


Over the years, we have learned to take information and turn it into actionable intelligence.  We also understand the manner in which intel must be presented to allow law enforcement agencies to take action.

If you have the call from the Lord to rescue, restore or support, please feel free to email us at for more information or to set up a personal interview.

Do you feel called to bring freedom and restoration to victims of sexual exploitation?


Since our call first began in 2005, we have rescued more than 2,000 victims of sexual exploitation. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have learned which methods are most effective in helping these victims find freedom and the new life Jesus promises.


There are two major facets to our work: