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United States

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After focusing on the problem of sexual exploitation in Latin America for the past 16 years, the Lord has called us to move our operational base to the USA where the need to rescue and restore victims of trafficking has grown far greater than even in Latin America.  Our plan is to establish a USA restoration center using our Christ-centered program to bring healing and freedom to adult victims and victims with children.  There are many whose life is at grave risk, who need an off the grid place to find freedom, so this will be a live-in rather than a day program.  The need is great, especially for programs able to take women with children.  The focus will be on Spanish-speaking women as everyone on our team is bilingual. We see visions of these women and children laughing, rejoicing...their chains breaking in massive proportions!


The facility we envision will also be a training center offering: 1) programs to equip churches and missionaries to help victims in their local communities and 2) retreats to train special operators how to identify victims and create intelligence packages to enable law enforcement to take action. We are building a complete mission base, with facilities for both live-in aftercare and training, plus housing for the short-term missionary teams that come.   It is a big dream, but we believe that as we pray in faith and follow as He leads, He will provide everything needed to allow this dream to become a reality. 


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