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Costa Rica






We launched our efforts in Costa Rica in January 2012. Costa Rica, more than any country where we have worked, has done an amazing job of making it clear to tourists that if they engage in sexual relations with children, they will go to jail for 30 years.  All this has done, however, is quench the open prostitution of kids and send it underground. What is happening in the underground is as disturbing as anything we have ever witnessed. It is pure evil. The scariest part is that nearly every time, we found that the parents of the children being sold were actively involved.  We are praying that our investigative work here will be used to open the eyes of many to see just how desperate the situation is. 


Our rescue efforts in this country have led to several joint operations with government authorities.  We pray that the intel from these operations will lead to the permanent shutdown of the sexual exploitation of children in the region.





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