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In October 2012, we embarked on a short-term mission to Haiti in hopes of rescuing an abducted child named Gardy, the son of a local Port Au Prince pastor.  The government had done nothing to pursue the case for three years prior to our arrival.   Our intel sources had told us the child was being held in a local orphanage. After several days of on-site work (including searching through the director’s home), we found nothing, no sign of him.


While we were there, our prayers did succeed in re-opening the case, and four perpetrators were quickly arrested.   Years later, they remain behind bars but have never been interviewed.   Our partners at Operation Underground Railroad discovered through a follow-up trip to Haiti that the leadership at this orphanage had actually been selling the children in their care to the highest bidder.  As a result of OUR's investigative efforts, the leaders are now in jail and the children that were there are now safe and in good homes.  It is highly probable that Gardy was sold by these same people while at the orphanage.   Please pray that the justice system will finally bring closure to this case and that he will be found.


During our stay the Lord showed us much of the devastation in this country.  Years after the earthquake, the country remains in shambles, although we were told this was so even before the earthquake. From our perspective, it is evident that spiritual issues abound in this region, but this experience also showed us that in the darkest of places, the light of God shines the brightest.   People were worshipping and singing out to our God until the early hours of the morning in the local churches.  They are aware of their dependence on God to provide them with even their most basic needs.  Although they have less than nothing, they have more joy than most people who have everything. 


The Haitian people continue to hold a special place in our hearts and remain in our prayers.  Our faith has definitely grown from seeing the Lord work through His body in this country.



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